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 ︎     Katerina Vitaly - Multimedia Artist
︎ ︎  ︎     NYC ⏳


Animation for “The Skin of Our Teeth”

Directed by Lileana Blain-Cruz
Projection design: Hannah Wasileski
Set: Adam Rigg
Costumes: Montana Levi Blanco
Lights: Yi Zhao
Sound: Palmer Hefferan

Vivian Beaumont Theater at Lincoln Center Theater

Associate Projection Design for “Already There”

Director, Choreographer, Concept: Britta Joy Peterson
Projection Designer: Elizabeth Mak
Co-Producer: Olivia Weber
Set Designer: Sara Brown
Lighting Designer: Evan Anderson
Sound Designer: Bailey Trierweiler, UptownWorks
Video Editors, Elizabeth Mak and Britta Joy Peterson
Director of Photography, Aaron Tucker

The Kennedy Center

Video Design and Direction for
"What's the last thing you remember?"

Lighting: Isabel Dever
Performer: Em Messana

Glassbox Theater, The New School

Assistant Video Design for “Shining Lights in the Lingering Night: 400 Years of Inequality”

Artistic Direction: Jennifer Miranda Holmes
Video Design: Tal Yarden

Cooper Union University

Assistant Video Design for "Young Gods"

Written and Directed by Diane Machin
Video Design: Anja Hose
Lighting Design: Bailey Rosa

Performing Garage @ Wooster Group

Associate Video Design for "The Sandalwood Box"

Directed by Kate Moore-Heaney and Tyler Thomas
Video Design: Jess Medenbach
Scenic Design: Frank J. Oliva
Lighting Designer: Becky Heisler McCarthy